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Secure Compliant Communication for Addiction Treatment Professionals!

Joint Commission National Quality Approval
CarePanda HIPAA Compliant
CARF Accredited
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Collaboration & Compliance

CarePanda is the ONLY secure messaging system designed specifically for the Addiction Treatment Industry by Addiction Treatment Professionals. CarePanda allows everyone involved with a patient’s treatment to collaborate throughout the process in a fully secure and compliant manner to ensure world class care in the fight against addiction.


Add & Remove participants “on the fly” to ensure critical care providers are aware of potential dangers during treatment without inundating busy professionals with unnecessary “chatter”. Timely communication helps with VOBs (Verification of Benefits), avoids costly AMAs (Patient Discharge Against Medical Advice) and provides faster receipt of lab reports.


Addicts, who might otherwise avoid seeking treatment for fear of negative retribution, can take comfort in the knowledge that their electronic Patient Health Information (ePHI) is protected by the strongest encryption measures in the industry. Be prepared for CARF and Joint Commission accreditation and meet new compliance regulations from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

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Securely send patient information for Verification of Benefits from any device, anywhere!

Clinical Team

Real-Time collaboration with key clinical team for rapid crisis intervention.

Toxicology Laboratories

Expedite positive test announcements for better patient care and faster proof of medical necessity for billing.

Doctors & Pharmacists

Add and remove message participants on the go to maximize workflows of busy professionals.

Secure Messaging

If you can send a text message then you're already a CarePanda expert. Communicate in REAL-TIME, securely, with everyone on your team and outside labs, doctors, drivers, marketing professionals, pharmacists, etc!

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Regulatory Compliance

Ensure Compliance with regulatory bodies such as the Joint Commission, CARF, and HIPAA including all rules involving User Authentication, Encryption and Decryption, Remote User Logoff and Device Wiping, State Storage Requirements and more!

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Administrative Dashboard

CarePanda allows owners and operators to see all staff and related communications in a simple to use Admin Dashboard that provides usable data on message quantity, frequency and content that translates into better workflow and more effective care for patients.

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Secure Forms

CarePanda is the only secure messaging platform that allows Addiction Treatment Centers to truly Go Paperless with fully encrypted and customizable forms for verification of benefits, adminission and intakes, shift change reports, toxicology reports and more!

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Compliance Package


$199 $179
$8 $6/user

  • Unlimited Texts and Images
  • Time-Stamp / Read Receipts
  • Add / Remove Users “On-the-Go"
  • Distribution Lists
  • Admin Panel w/ Remote Logout / Device Wipe Capability
  • Encryption / De-Encryption for HIPAA / HiTech / HHS Compliance

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